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Myrtle Audrey Arinsberg (September 20, 1924 – March 10, 2016), known as Gogi Grant, was an American popular singer. She is best known for her No. 1 hit in 1956, "The Wayward Wind".

Although she made albums and appeared on television into the 1960s, Gogi Grant's popularity declined and she initially retired from singing in 1967 after a final US chart single, "The Sea" (top 20 on Billboard's Easy Listening chart). An album of hers was released in UK some 20 years later. Grant survived cancer surgery and was in remission. In 2004, aged 80, she made an appearance on the PBS 1950s pop music special Magic Moments and sang "The Wayward Wind." Grant headlined with The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies in Palm Springs, California. One of her more notable appearances of her later years was with the Follies on December 31, 2006. She was still performing as late as 2013, at the age of 89. In 1959, Grant married attorney Robert Rifkind. The couple had two children. Grant died on March 10, 2016, aged 91. Her death was announced by her son, Joshua Beckett. She also had a daughter, Jeri Brown.


 VIDEO: Gogi Grant - The Wayward Wind