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New biography claims comedian Bob Hope had more than working relationship with singer Doris Day

Book indicates he did have some long-term affairs, one of them with actress Doris Day. Day worked for nearly two years on Bob Hope's weekly radio program. “Hope claimed to a friend years later that he and Day had a brief romantic fling while they were touring together [raising funds for the March of Dimes, above] in 1949,’’ Author Zoglin writes. “When they returned home to Burbank, Dolores was at the airport to greet them, giving Bob an ostentatious welcome-home hug. According to Hope, Day saw the gesture as a wife’s symbolic marking of her territory, and she ended the relationship then and there. Day [now 90] never commented on the alleged affair.’’ more here
Bob Hope passed in 2003 at age 100. Dolores died in 2011 at the age of 102. “Hope: Entertainer of the Century,” by Richard Zoglin, available at Amazon...