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This site showcases standard pop songs of the mid 20th century. There are NO album downloads here. Select (DOWNLOADS) and you will hear ancient air checks of radio broadcasts made on antique audio cassette recorders of the period. We know the quality is poor from third and fourth generation recordings which are primarily old copies of standard pop vocalists records taken from radio broadcasts of the period. These podcast montages are presented here as pop-culture examples of the era for nostalgic listening. The music that is shared here is assumed to be out-of-print or otherwise not easily available and is shared here to educate others about these artists and their music. A few tracks were provided by performers or recording companies promotional managers specifically for this blog & radio show. Should anybody holding a copyright claim to any of these materials object to their presence here, please inform me with site & pod# and attorney's name so I can gladly remove the embedded link. PLEASE ALLOW ABOUT 30 SECONDS FOR THE PODCAST PLAYERS TO LOAD.